Santulan Family Wellness Clinic Provides Best intravenous administration Center In Thane

Best intravenous administration Center In Majiwada Thane by Santulan Family Wellness Clinic

IV Administration

This is a medical procedure through which fluids like electrolyte, medical drugs are directly administered in the veins through infusion sets consisting plastic vacuum bag or plastic tube connecting the medical bag to a catheter or needle
If you need IV infusion simply give us a call and one of our expert and caring nurses would be visiting you at your home to give the necessary infusion without any concerns. The benefits of getting IV treatment at home is to avoid travelling and exertions. Infusion care of all age groups which is much economical than being in hospital is taken care of by Santulan.

IV infusion is recommended by our doctors for various purposes.

  • IV infusion is administered to post operative patients
  • Patients suffering from dehydration are also administered IV for hydration
  • To maintain electrolyte balance, when the patient is losing lot of fluid like in vomiting or diarrhoea
  • To give the patient fluids, when oral intake is not possible for any reason

About IV administration at home

Santulan doctors/ nurses safely administer IV at home and take appropriate measures to prevent the risk of potential complications. Traveling can be hazardous and laborious for sick patients and as such getting saline drop at home is better recommended.

Routine checkups
Our doctors can be called for routine checkups for bed ridden patients. Our ECG equipments are also taken to patients doors for those who cannot travel.